About the Books

The Scream of the Dream

There are people who fiddle around Love; there are people who live for Love but there are few who would make Love live. Making Love live is the ultimate form of Love and is called “True Love”. Seeing the happiness in the loved one’s eyes is the most memorable and the pinnacle showcase of Love. True Love might end in a sacrifice; the true lover might lose but True Love triumphs.

This book depicts a tale of Love. It articulates the essence of an anecdote of True Love playing the see-saw game between three important characters. Smiling, Satisfying, Surrender, Sacrifice and Salutation are all phases in the journey of True Love. In this so called voyage, the heart of the True Lover might snivel but the face always maintains a dignified grin. I hope you can relax, savor and enjoy the flavor of this Love recipe in my book.






A Dawn in the Lawn

The wonderful gentleman’s game “Cricket” is the common religion of the Indians; Sachin Tendulkar is our God and MS Dhoni is our King. If you want something which you have never had before, then do something which you have never done before. It’s not the size of the teams in the competition, but, it’s the size of the competition amongst the teams that hype up the race for the mace. To witness a great competition of high octane is one’s wish to enjoy the flavor. This book would provide insights into MS Dhoni’s cricketing career and few people responsible for Indian Cricket team’s success today. A journey of few Indian Cricket stalwarts and the road to the World Cup 2011 are embedded in the book. A glimpse of the World Cup 2011 matches played by India would let you revolve once again through those sweet memories of our jubilant Indian cricket team. I hope you can relax, savor and enjoy the flavor of this Cricket recipe in my book.